Vouchers for top* players

Rank progress553010
Money300.000 $200.000$100.000 $
Cars1(random)1 (random)NONE
  • Bulletproof suit
  • Armored car
  • Bulletproof suit
  • Armored car
  • Bulletproof suit
WeaponsTommy gunNONENONE
TransportationHavilland DH 82AHavilland DH 82AFokker DR -1
BodyguardsLex level 5 (special)Lex level 3 (special)Lex level 1 (special)

*Top players are: top killer, top ranker and don of the winning family

**Top ranker and top killer will always get gold voucher

Vouchers for busters

Bust outs500
Money100.000 $

Bulletproof suit

TransportationHavilland DH 82A
BodyguardsRay level 5

Multiply reward!
Should someone win in more than one category they will only receive one voucher.

BETA server


Vouchers on our BETA sever (Omerta Deathmatch) don't have rank progress included

Vouchers for family members - does not apply at this moment

Rank progress30100
Money150.000 $100.000$50.000 $
Cars1 (random)1 (random)NONE

Bullet free vest

Bullet free vest

Bullet free vest
TransportationFokker DR -1Fokker DR -1Fokker DR -1

Vouchers for family members can be used 10 times on .com and 5 times on every other server.