Purchases of Digital Goods

Any purchase of digital goods, including but not limited to in-game Credits are non-refundable donations to Omerta Publishing Ltd. All purchases are considered donations and Omerta Publishing Ltd has no obligation to offer anything in exchange for purchases made.

When you use one of our donation methods, you need permission from the owner of the credit card, paysafecard, bank account, phone or paypal account. If you don’t have permission you’re not allowed to use our methods.

If you are younger than 18, you must obtain permission from (one of) your parents or legal representatives to use our extra services.

Purchases via a mobile phone may, depending on the provider of the participant, be more expensive, considering the extra costs that some providers still charge for the SMS or call time.

Omerta Publishing Ltd. offers extra Services on the Website against payment. These Extra Services may include, but are not limited to, lackys, DC(+) status and the possibility to sell the donation code for ingame money on obay.

All virtual items purchased at Omerta Publishing Ltd. are available on the Omerta Publishing Ltd. servers and accessible when you visit one of our websites. They can not be downloaded to your computer.

Omerta Publishing Ltd. can withdraw extra services at any time or make certain new extra services available. For these extra services must always be paid.

Lackey credits and / or purchased virtual products and / or services are in no case returnable, and therefore not exchangeable against real currency, not even after (early) termination of the agreement, disappointing results, or changes in the game, the agreement, value / price of products or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Omerta Publishing Ltd. reserves the right to change the price and/or value of lackey credits and / or the virtual products and / or services at any time. 

Omerta Publishing Ltd. can not be held responsible for any damage incurred in the event of a change in the price or value of the virtual products and / or services in which participants have previously purchased.

It is not permitted to use Omerta for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is forbidden to buy or sell game accounts, including ingame money, DCs (donate codes) or/and other ingame related objects and possessions.

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