A listing of the cars that are available in Omerta

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IdCar-descriptionCostSeatsView CarDetails
1T-Ford Model T Courer$ 1.0002View CarDetails
2Crossley 20/25 Landaulette$ 1.2004View CarDetails
3BMW 3/15 Wartbug Roadster$ 1.3002View CarDetails
4Crossley Super Silver$ 1.5002View CarDetails
5Morris Minor Tourer$ 2.0004View CarDetails
6Crossley 10hp Sports Roadster$ 2.2502View CarDetails
7Crossley 10hp Sports Tourer$ 2.5002View CarDetails
8Alvis TJ$ 4.0002View CarDetails
9BMW 1933 303$ 4.2502View CarDetails
10Bugatti Type 13 Torpedo$ 4.5002View CarDetails
11Bugatti Type 38 Torpedo$ 5.5002View CarDetails
12Pierce-Arrow 7W Sedan$ 6.0004View CarDetails
13Nash Big Six Town Sedan$ 10.0004View CarDetails
14Buick Model 57$ 18.0004View CarDetails
15Nash Standard 8$ 24.0004View CarDetails
16Hudson-Essex Super Six$ 30.0004View CarDetails
17Packard 1100 Sedan$ 35.0004View CarDetails
18Packard 740 Roadster$ 40.0002View CarDetails
19Bentley 3.5 Litre Coupé$ 45.0002View CarDetails
20Horch 930V Phaeton$ 50.0004View CarDetails
21Lincoln KA$ 55.0002View CarDetails
22Reo Royale 8 Convertible$ 60.0002View CarDetails
23Crossley Kegresse Half-Track Truck$ 61.5008View CarDetails
24Bentley 4.5 Litre Barker 3 Position Drophead$ 62.0004View CarDetails
25Rolls Royce Phantom III$ 70.0004View CarDetails
26Crossley Streamline$ 72.0005View CarDetails
27Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet$ 75.0002View CarDetails
28Cadillac V16 Series 452 C Fleetwood Towncar Cabriolet 1933$ 82.0004View CarDetails
29Alpha Romeo Sport Touring Berlinetta$ 84.0004View CarDetails
30Bentley 3 Litre Vanden Plas Tourer$ 86.0004View CarDetails
31Bugatti Type 50 Coupeé Profileé$ 88.0004View CarDetails
32Bugatti Type 35$ 80.0002View CarDetails
33Duesenberg J Rollston Berline$ 90.0004View CarDetails
34Duesenberg SJ$ 100.0002View CarDetails
35Bugatti Type 32 .Tank.$ 120.0002View CarDetails
36Mercedes-Benz W25$ 125.0001View CarDetails
37Mercedes-Benz W125$ 150.0001View CarDetails
38Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Streamliner$ 200.0001View CarDetails
39Auburn 851 SC$ 112.5004View CarDetails
40Alfa Romeo Spyder$ 180.0002View CarDetails
41Ford DeLuxe$ 100.0005View CarDetails
42Auburn 852 Supercharged$ 95.0005View CarDetails
43Bugatti 57C Atalante$ 125.0002View CarDetails
44Oldsmobile F-30$ 60.0004View CarDetails
45Duesenberg X Locke$ 145.0005View CarDetails
47Packard Custom$ 195.0008View CarDetails
48Chrysler Thunderbolt Concept$ 250.0005View CarDetails
49Ford T Screenside Truck$ 9.0002View CarDetails
50Ford TT United Parcel Truck$ 7.0002View CarDetails
51Ford T Grocers Truck$ 5.0003View CarDetails
52Morgan Super Sport$ 8.5001View CarDetails
53Chevrolet Half-Ton Pickup$ 55.0002View CarDetails
54Oshkosh Model A$ 51.00022View CarDetails
46Ford Model A Roadster$ 25,0002View CarDetails