In Omerta there is the possibility to ship cars from one city to another. Below is a table with the shipping times.

 CorleoneBaltimorePhilidelphiaLas VegasNew YorkPalermoChicagoDetroit
Corleone===1h 24m 23s1h 22m 18s1h 55m 38s1h 18m 08s0h 01m 09s1h 30m 38s1h 21m 15s
Baltimore1h 24m 23s===0h 01m 53s0h 43m 53s0h 03m 50s1h 23m 20s0h 12m 58s0h 08m 31s
Philidelphia1h 22m 18s0h 01m 53s===0h 45m 21s0h 01m 58s1h 21m 15s0h 14m 08s0h 09m 28s
Las Vegas1h 55m 38s0h 43m 53s0h 45m 21s===0h 53m 08s1h 54m 35s0h 36m 28s0h 42m 43s
New York1h 18m 08s0h 03m 50s0h 01m 58s0h 53m 08s===1h 17m 05s0h 16m 40s0h 12m 30s
Palermo0h 01m 09s1h 23m 20s1h 21m 15s1h 54m 35s1h 17m 05s===1h 29m 35s1h 20m 13s
Chicago1h 30m 38s0h 12m 58s0h 14m 08s0h 36m 28s0h 16m 40s1h 29m 35s===0h 12m 30s
Detroit1h 21m 15s0h 08m 31s0h 09m 28s0h 42m 43s0h 12m 30s1h 20m 13s0h 12m 30s===