Here you see the tags you can use in Omerta:

[quote=Omerta]Omerta Rulez![/quote]Quote: Omerta

Omerta Rulez!

[fly]Omerta[/fly]Not possible to show here
[img]url from trusted upload site[/img]Omertalo.gif

There are 4 trusted upload sites for pictures :

Things to remember :

  • Always put all your tags in lowercase, so [img] and not [IMG], [color] and not [COLOR] etc.
  • Put evt. color tags as [color=FFFFFF] and not [color=#FFFFFF] this will result in bb code error and the profile will be blocked!
  • It is essential to open and close the tags in the correct order, [center][b]text[/b][/center] is correct, [center][b]text[/center][/b] will result in bb code error!