Everyone in the game starts with the rank Empty Suit. In order to promote to the next level, besides rank points, you will need to fulfill certain requirements:

Promotion to rank 2: Delivery Boy/Girl

No special requirements needed

Promotion to rank 3: Picciotto
No special requirements needed

Promotion to rank 4: Shoplifter
1 Travel

Promotion to rank 5: Pickpocket
1 Heists

Promotion to rank 6: Thief 
2 Heists
 Buy a handgun

Promotion to rank 7: Associate 
3 Travels
3 Heists
1 OC
 Buy a Tommygun

Promotion to rank 8: Mobster 
5 Travels
5 Heists
1 Bodyguard

Promotion to rank 9: Soldier
Buy a plane
Buy an armour (Bulletproof Vest OR Bulletproof Suit)

Promotion to rank 10: Swindler 
10 Travels
2000 bullets
2 Bodyguards

Promotion to rank 11: Assassin 
15 Travels
10 Heists
2 OC
3 Bodyguard

10,000 bullets


Promotion to rank 12: Local Chief 
20 Travels
15 heists
20,000 bullets

Promotion to rank 13: Chief 
20 heists
3 raids (so family is needed!)
40,000 bullets
5 Bodyguard

Promotion to rank 14: Bruglione 
25 heists
3 OC
5 raids
60,000 bullets

Rank Requirements update:
- Bullets shot from all accounts now count into requirements
- Bullets from your past accounts also count to meet requirements now (ex: if you die with 100k in pocket, you can rebirth even without bullet milestone and the requirements will count 100k)


What happens if I reach 100% of a rank and I don't meet all requirements?

If you reach 100% of any rank that calls for special requirement and you don't meet them, you will stay on 100% of that rank without promoting. Once you meet all requirements you will promote to the next rank and your rank progress bar will start from 0%. 

What happens if I loose some of the requirements?

If you have promoted to certain rank you will never demote. Rank requirements are only needed to promote to the next rank. For example, if you are Local Chief and you lost 3 Bodyguards in war, you won't demote to Assassin but you need to buy those Bodyguards again in order to promote to Chief. 

After I promote will my achieved requirements reset?

No, they will accumulate. For example, if you need 10 travels on Mobster account, it will count all travels you made from the start. 

What happens at the rebirth with my  actions and possessions?

At the rebirth your actions will stay cumulative but you will have to buy all possessions again.


What happens with my bullets?

Bullets shot from all your accounts count into rank requirements. For example, if you died with shooting 100k bullets and you rebirth with 0, you will have 0 bullets in your possession but on your rank requirements list it will show 100k so you will be able to promote without re-buying bullets.