The general statistics of your account, your progress and your work experience. This is an important page where you will look back on lots of times.


In this field you will find:

  • Your account name (click to view/edit your profile).
  • Your family name (click to view your families page)
  • Capo Status: This is where you see who is your Capo (click to visit their profile), and how much capo money you have received if you were appointed as one.
  • Your start date, which is only viewable by you and Crew.
  • Your current rank
  • The amount of honor points you have received.
  • Your blood type.
  • The city you are currently in.
  • Your current testament (In the case you are murdered, that person will receive 40% of the money you have in your bank, and all the cars you have).

The online timer tracks the amount of hours a player is online in the previous 48hr and punishes them if they exceed the 34 hours/ 48 hours. If a player goes over that limit, they are admin punished, to the tune of 10 rp for every minute that exceeds the 34 hours in the previous 48 hour period.

Waiting Times

These waiting times will show you how long you have to wait before you can do this specific action again. When the timer says ‘Now’, you can click the action and be taken to do it immediately (if you have the required rank for the action).

Status Bars

Status bars will show your progress through the game:

  • Health: this shows you your health. 100% is full health, when health reaches 0% you will be dead. (This can only happen if someone shoots bullets at you). So be sure you try to keep your health at 100%. You can buy health at the blood bank and you will receive a curtain percent of health every time you travel, depending on your rank. You 'can not' die from heists/MOC's/spot raids.
  • Plating: Account plating refers to the state of the game in which every account is two times harder to kill. The plating protection is measured in percentage and consists of 5 levelsYour Plating level is directly related with your ingame activity (crimes, group crimes, races, accommodations, etc).
    The plating level only updates 7 days after your account's start date.
  • Jail busting skill: This bar shows you how good you are in busting people out. Every time you bust someone out of jail, your jail bust skill will increase.
  • Race form: This bar shows you how good you are in racing. Every time you win a race your race progress will be improved. But do note, with this bar: if you don’t race for a while, your race progress will decrease slowly.

Rank information bars

  • Rank: your current rank in the game
  • Rank progress: this is the percentage you are in rank, when the bar hits the 100% you will promote to the next rank. Bruglione is the last rank you can achieve , Capodecinas get their status by reaching 100% Bruglione (only available for the famboss/don) , Godfathers/Firstlady's get their status by reaching 100 % Bruglione and having 15 million of capomoney.
  • Activity: This bar shows how active you are. Only players with 30%+ activity bar can receive honor points for distribution.
  • Can promote to next rank: Here you can see if you fulfill all requirements to promote to the next rank
  • Demoted: Here you can find information if you have been demoted due to inactivity.


Possessions are the items you currently hold. Here you can see what plane you have, how many bullets, and what type of guns you are carrying. As well the amount of bodyguards that are currently under your command.


Here you are shown how much money you currently have in your pocket and bank account. As long as you did not click to your bank then money is shown the way you left it the last time you did a bank transaction. So you don’t have all your money on pocket when the interest period of 24 hours expired until you return to your bank page again.


Here you are able to see how active you were in previous 7 days. This can help you with rising your activity bar. You will keep your activity on rebirth account.

Work Experience

At work experience you are able to see how many crimes or car nicks you have attempted, the number of successful busts, car races won, and how many people you successfully killed.

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