Here you can change several things, your language, your date of birth, password and theme. You also have an overview of all your accounts and tickets.

Your accounts

Here you see a overview of all your accounts, dead or alive.

Your language

Omerta is available in many languages. Changing your language here will able you to play Omerta in your own language. Changing your language will not change the flag on your profile because that’s set automatically by the country you play from.

Local servers of Omerta are available only on it's country language.

Your birthday

Here you can change your date of birth.

Change password

Here you can change the password for your account, after the change you will be logged out and you can login with the new password.

Crew will never ask for your password, neither ingame or on IRC.        

Change email

If you want to change your email address for your account, please contact the game support by filling up ticket form.

Tool-tip setting

At many game options there is an “?” added, when you move over it with your mouse it gives some additional information about that subject, you can switch this on or off as you prefer.

Claim voucher

If you have been provided a Gift Voucher by any of our partners, you can enter it in the box here to redeem it. Vouchers are for example provided by magazines from which you can find the links on the : Vote for Omerta pages. Most of these vouchers are version specific so please be sure that you are using it on the right one. It is only possible to activate one voucher per gangster on your account. If you have already claimed one against your account, be sure to hold onto it in case you die. You will be able to use it on your next account.