You can start making some money by starting in the crime business.

At first you will only succeed in stealing lunch money from kindergarten children but give it some time and you will be able to do most of the crimes without getting caught as often.

Besides giving you money the crimes, helps you getting rank percent. If you make many crimes you will promote to next level.
 The percentages you see in crime give you a hint as to what crime option has the biggest chance of succeeding.

  • Extort A Kindergarten 46%
  • Rob A Hot-Dog Stand 38%
  • Make A Drug Run For A Crack Dealer 0%
  • Bribe The Local Police In Name Of A Drugs Cartell 0%
  • Rob A Jeweller 0%

The page shows several crime opportunities where you can choose the one more profitable, or with the highest chance of success (you can check the success rate (%) on the top of each box).

You only have to choose the best deal for you and - click on the red Go for it! button, to perform the crime.


What can I get from doing these crimes?

There are 3 possible outcomes of your crime

  1. Successful (you get cash or a new car +RP)
  2. Not successful (you failed but you managed to escape)
  3. Not successful (you got busted and you go to jail)

You should do crimes and car nicks as much as possible, as they can give you money, rank progress (RP) and cars. After you have done one, you need to get some energy again before doing it again.

You need to wait around 90 seconds to do a crime and around 300 seconds before you can try to steal a car again

In the meantime, find something else to do while you wait.

Choose the crime you want to perform and go for it!