Here you can nick some cars which you can sell, or use for car races or group crimes. If you succeed, you will get additional rank points. If you managed to nick a car you can sell it right away and earn some cash, or you can send it directly to your garage in the city where you are. The money you can earn on the deal depends on the value and damage of the car.

There is a time limit of once in every 5 minutes to be able to perform a car nick attempt.

The higher the percentage, the more chance you'll have in getting away with it and actually nick a car. However it can also happen that you get caught by the police and put behind bars.

Select the highest percentage and you'll have the best chance, keep ranking, it gets easier!

Your cars go to your garage, there you can decide what to do with them in the future, like selling or crush them for bullets.

In the garage you can also appoint some of them as being heist or oc/moc cars therefore there is an option in garage to repair the evt. damage.

There is a chance that the feds catch you and take cars (or money) from you. If you have a good car for group crimes or one that you use in races and want to keep it protected, you can put it in the safehouse.

Beware though, everything has it's price, and using a car in a heist or race, will bring them out of the safehouse.

To illustrate this game option and make it a little more clear to new players there is a picture of a car next to the car nick menu.

 This picture is totally random so got no relation with the possible outcome of the attempt or the car you might steal.

You can sell  the car you have stolen or
send it to your garage