Since game version 3.3 a page about your own lackeys is added here. You will be able to hire and fire your lackeys on this page, as well can you arrange minor settings for their behavior. You can choose whether they buy themselves out with your money or not, send them money to do so, send them more credits, and much more.

Lackeys are your personal servants in the omerta game who can perform several ranking tasks for you. They work as long as you hired them with credits. They came in the game as a counter measure against script-sites making (stealing) large sums of money by parasiting on the omerta game. Because the lackeys are implemented in the game they work so much more efficient, cheaper and smooth than the ilegal scriptsites (without access to the database) that we expect them to be out of business rapidly.


You can purchase credits on Support Omerta page (top bar)

Activating a dc at the donation page will not give credits for the lackeys!

It is possible to use the lackeys for free by purchasing a donation code from obay with game money.

Hireable Lackeys

Spats (Crimes)
  • Description: Does the petty crimes you think you are too good to be doing yourself.
  • Cost per action: 1 Credits.

Noodles (Cars)
  • Description: There isn't a car made that he cant break into.
  • Cost per action: 1 Credits.

O'Rourke (Booze)
  • Description: When you need a beer, he always know the cheapest place to get one.
  • Cost per action: 2 Credits.

Freekowski (Drugs)
  • Description: Coke, Morphine, Weed, He can find them all at - decent prices as well.
  • Cost per action: 2 Credits.

Keaton (Bustouts)
  • Description: While the rest of your lackeys are busy at work, someone has to break them out.
  • Cost per action: 1 Credits.

Sluggs (Bullets)
  • Description: Searching for nice heavy metal they call bullets.
  • Cost per action: 5 Credits.
  • Slugg will always travel with you free of charge.
  • The sluggs have been caught by the feds and will spend the next years in a maximum-security prison;

Important information about Lackeys: 

- Accounts stuck on 100% RP will see their lackeys getting fired no matter the rank.
- Your lackeys will use your own pocket money to complete their job.
- Keaton only tries to bust out your lackeys. They won't bust out any player from jail.


  • When account is admin killed, all lackeys credits are removed from that account;
  • If you had Lackey credits left on your previous account they are transferred to your present account. Please do take in mind if any of those credits were in hands of a Lackey (even if it was just for a few minutes) they are not transferred to your present account;

  • Credits offered by us at the start of the account or during the round won't be transferred to the next round! Make sure that you used all the credits we offered before adding a new one.
  • You need to fire your lackeys to be able to get the protection from the accommodations;
  • You will remain “Alive and Online in the last 5 minutes” if you logout with your lackeys hired; but your online timer will still stop counting when you logout.