The place you will be in a lot, especially in the beginning. In the jail page you can try to bust someone else out. Ways to end up in jail are:

  • Trying to smuggle booze or narcotics.
  • Getting caught doing a crime.
  • Getting arrested when nicking a car.
  • Getting very unlucky while doing a heist.
  • Getting very unlucky while doing a mega oc.
  • Failing to bust someone out of jail (only Godfathers and First Ladies can bust people out without ending up in jail).

When you end up in jail you have 3 options:

  • You can wait until someone busts them out.
  • You can wait until your time is over.
  • You can try to bust yourself out (only after achieving 5,000 busts).

You will enter federal prison where buyout and jailtime is much higher (20x the normal price and 10x the normal time) and you can't be busted by other players after your first bust out attempts failed

Everytime you reach your max. failed bust outs the limit will increase 10% after a 24h cooldown to restart.

Federal jail pageFeds heat 100%

How it works?

When you start busting your failed attempts in last 24h timer starts.

Under it there is counter called: attempts let/maximum. Once user reaches 0/xx of attempts left, fed heats will be on 100% and feds will start their search. At that moment feds timer starts and 2 timers sync - it means feds searching for you & failed attempts in last 24h timers will be the same. Once these timers reach 0, feds heat, feds searching for you, failed attempts and attempts left/maximum will reset. 

If you want to be a good buster your previous bust out progress makes you more successful, being set as the family buster also affects your chances. 

The bodyguards Joe and Ray help with this. You can read more about this on bodyguards page.

When you have successfully busted 5,000 other people out of jail and you go to jail, it is possible to try and bust yourself out.

 If you get caught trying to break out of jail, you will have to do even more time.


When you have successfully busted 10,000 other people out of jail you have the change to bust cellmates out of jail. Two people at the same time.

You only get a chance to bust cellmates out, not every successful bust will have a successful cellmate bust.



If your priories are your friends and family members you can put them in a group in jail. Then they will have their own color, and it will be much easier to bust them out first.

On settings you can also decide if you want to send a message when you bust someone out or bail someone.