On this page you can buy some booze and narcotics and do some bootlegging by traveling from place to place buying and selling booze and narcotics.
With this you can gain rank progress and profit, you can gain rank progress for this once an hour.

  • Dealing in booze and narcotics does become easier as you rank, be prepared to spend time in jail. 
  • Since narcotics are even more dangerous to smuggle, the risk of getting caught by the police is bigger in comparison to booze smuggling! 
  • Like booze you will get caught a lot in the beginning, but it does and will become easier the more you try to buy, sell, and rank.
  • Use your status page to keep track of when you are able to earn rank progress from buying and selling.
  • The booze and narcotics prices changes every 30 minutes at the whole and half hour (Example: at 01:30 and then again at 02:00).

Amount of booze/narcotics

You can only carry a certain amount of booze/narcotics depending on what rank you are, you can see these amounts on the smuggling page.

Deliveryboy / Delivery Girl20
Local Chief4514
Godfather / First Lady7020

Booze/narcotics prices

On the smuggling page you can click Current Booze/Narcotics Prices to see the current booze and narcotics prices in every city. This page is where you can see which city to travel to so you can buy/sell to make the most profit.



Suggestion: Buy your booze and narcotics when the prices are low, then travel to a city with high prices and sell there. Keep in mind traveling costs money too.
If you have the bodyguard Lex, he will help you with selling the drugs, for more money.


When you are in a Family, the family bank your capo and family top will receive a total of 12% of what you sell.

  • 10 % fam bank
  • 1 % to capo
  • Each top3 member 0.3 % of all regardless if top3 is full or not.