On this page you will find all the crimes you can do together with other people.


There are four different group crimes you can do. Three of them require a minimum rank.

Group crimeMinimum rankNumber of participants
Route 66 HeistShoplifter2
Organised CrimeThief4
Mega OCAssassin8
Raid a businessAny rank with a family2

Mega OC

A Mega OC is almost the same as an organized Crime, but it´s done on a larger scale. Assassins and higher can do a Mega OC once every three days.
It has higher risks and bigger profits; you can gain money, get jailed and get injured (you can't die).

You will need eight people instead of four:

  • A leader who organizes the crime and receives all of the profits. Costs for the leader are $750,000. Leader gets 20% extra rank points compared to other participants.
  • Three drivers and one of them should be driving a truck. The drivers should pick the best car they think for the mega OC and mark it as a MOC car in the Garage page. Have in mind that the car MUST be in the same city as Mega OC is taking place. After they do this, go to group crimes page and under Mega OC press Accept. After that you will be asked to select the car you want to use. Simply select one of the cars in the list and press Ready! Have in mind that one of the drivers should drive a Truck. Each driver will additionally get 2% of raceform.
  • Three weapon experts, who will lose their guns, bought in the market after a Mega OC. You will get the best result if you put 500(maximum amount) of bullets and 2 guns. After that press Ready! And wait for others. Weapon experts get 10% extra rank points and 1% raceform.
  • An explosives expert who can choose between EPE, TNT and C4. After that you will be asked to put in explosives which you want to use. You will get the best result if you put in EPE (most expensive). After that press Ready! And wait for the rest of the crew. Explosive expert gets 0.36% (100 bustous) jail busting skill. Don't forget! Busters can join MOC if they have 13750 BOs (50%)

It is very important that all users are in the same city, and all are aware of their positions in the Moc, if one of your members went offline.
You can just kick him/her and you will be asked to enter an new nick. If you don't want to do a MOC at all, just press "You don't want to take part in this Mega OC? Click here to cancel!"

Have in mind that if you cancel the Mega OC you will lose your stuff which you put into the MOC.

RED Under development


Organised Crime (OC)

An organized crime has four participants:

  • A leader who starts the organized crime, but also receives all of the profit and sends it to participants (costs for the leader are $25.000). Leader gets 20% extra rank points compared to other participants.
  • A weapons expert, who has to finance 1 or 2 Tommy guns ($25.000 a Tommy gun), and between 1 and 100 bullets. Weapon experts get 10% extra rank points and 1% raceform
  • An explosives expert, who can choose between buying TNT and C4. C4 will cost him $40.000 and TNT just $20.000. With C4 the organized crime will have a higher profit than with TNT. Explosive expert gets 0.36% (100 bustous) jail busting skill. Don't forget! Busters can join OC if they have 6875 BOs (25%)
  • A driver, who needs to put in a car of his in the city the organized Crime will take place, ideally the best car with no damage. You select the car under Garage < link and mark it as an OC/MOC car. Driver gets 2% of raceform.

Every person has his own part in the crime and must be in the same city, the leader makes sure there is a safe house to hide in and splits up the money.
The weapon expert brings the guns and the bullets, the explosives expert will make sure the safe will be blown up and the driver makes sure you can return to the safe house.
Calculations for the split are all done for the leader and automatically include the cost of items the participants put in.
The leader can click "Make Transfer" for everyone easily without having to use a calculator or even go to his bank.
The better ranks that are involved in the organized crime and the more money put into the organized crime will make the profit higher.

Bodyguard Lex helps you to get more profit.

You will loose all items/money that you put into the organized crime, even when you get kicked out or the organized crime never happens!

Raid a spot

Every city in Omerta has a map, populated by spot objects or businesses. These objects are a feature that is only usable by players in a family. Spot objects can be owned by players and will, under the right circumstances, provide benefits to every single member of their family. Two players can work together to raid spots owned by other families or the local mob.

Raid rules

Two players can raid a business owned by another player or the local mob if:

  • Both are members of a family (they can be from different families)
  • Neither player owns a business himself
  • The business being raided isn't owned by the family of either of the participants
  • Both players are able to perform a raid (3 hour waiting time between raids)
  • The business can be raided (30 minutes between raids)
  • The profit in the business is more than $0

Your minimum rank should be soldier and you can raid businesses in any city.

Two players are needed for a raid. The leader needs to put in up to 200 bullets and the driver needs to bring a car. The bullets are lost after the raid but the car can be returned, though it will probably be damaged.

Purpose of raiding

Raiding will gain you rankpoints, and you will take a percentage of the spot's profit and reduce the protection if you succeed. You will gain more rankpoints if the spot has more protection on it. Raids can also result in significant loss of health and damage to the car.

The leader will receive 10% more rank points while a driver will receive 2% race points (for successful raid).

However, the main purpose of raiding is not personal profit. Raiding is the only way to gain a spot for your family in the first place, and raiding the spot objects of other families can deny that family the benefits from that spot. Even if you are not actively hostile towards other families it is probably a good idea to stop them from gaining the benefits… it is never a good idea to let potential enemies get strong when you have the chance to do something about it.

Asking your family top what targets they want you to raid is a better way to achieve this than it is to raid random spots.

Raiding tips

Any family member can raid a business, but raiding will be very hard when spots have high protection. You will have more success if you use a very expensive car, high ranks, and fresh accounts to start raids on well protected spots. (When you see you are tired on your smuggling page, you will have a low chance to succeed).

As protection gets reduced, raiding becomes easier and lower ranks can take over and finish the job. The higher ranks can then move on to other well protected targets.

The amount of raids you have attempted influences the amount of money you can take, so it is a good idea to let many family members participate. That means you reduce profit faster and have a better chance to take over multiple spots or deny benefits.

Outcome of a raid

The outcome of the raid is based on what rank the players are, account strength, car used, raid experience of both players and the protection of the spot who you are raiding.

Route 66 Heist

A route 66 heist is done by two people. A leader who starts the Route 66 heist and a driver, each person plays their own specific part in a Route 66 heist.

Heist can be real or fake, based on the inputs of leader and driver.

In real heist, the leader can bring a gun and bullets, and the driver brings the car for the getaway. The leader begins by inviting the driver and informing them so they can accept, after acceptance, the driver puts in the car. The leader can start the heist. When the heist is completed, you will be taken to a page where you see results and are able to click "Make Transfer" and it will automatically send the correct amount to the driver.If there were any losses in the heist, they will automatically be taken from the profit before they are split. You will notice that you can both earn and lose things while doing a heist.Sometimes you may gain only cars or narcotics, to be able to send the driver their share, you will need to have cash on you or sell the narcotics to have enough money in pocket. So keep in mind to have money in your pocket while doing a heist!

If you are a low rank, and don’t have any bullets or money, don’t give up, because the leader can select if he wants to make a real heist or a fake heist.If you select to make a fake heist, you don’t need to have a gun or bullets. The only thing you need is a car. The driver selects the car under garage and select the car he wants to be used for as an heist car.

The leader wins 10% extra rank points while the driver gets opportunity to earn up to 3% race points based on the heist outcome.

Doing heist in home city gives 10% extra points to both - leader and driver, as long as they are both located in their home cities.

Not every heist will give you same amount of rank points. Fake heists and heists with lower amount of bullets input will give you less rank points than heists in which you add maximum amount of bullets. Maximum amount of bullets in heist is 50.

As from the January 2019, we have made some important heist changes.

Applied to the following servers

  • |Dutch
  • International version
  • Turkish

Due to high amount of Route 66 crimes in Detroit, attention was drawn by the feds. There has been a new federal boost for catching these robberies and for your own protection you may do only 1 heist per town in the same day. You will get more rank progress when you heist in the home town of your family.


  • Heist cooldown time is 3 hours and there are 8 cities in the game which means that gangster can do one heist in each city per day.
  • You need to promote manually for cooldown to reset. If you promote via Lackeys cooldown time remains the same
  • You will be able to see a cooldown for each city on the groups crime page

Some tips:

  1. With 8 cities in the game it's still possible to do ALL heists in 24 hours, but to do so you need to travel around to each city
  2. Keep your friends close, there is no better friend then a heist partner
  3. Try to time your account promotion around the same time as your heists, so you can enjoy another heist in the same city
  4. Out of friends? Try your luck on the ingame chat or on IRC, there is always someone waiting on a heist partner!