Killing a gangster is not always an easy task.. First you have to hire some detectives to search for them.
Maximum amount of bullets that you can shoot is defined by your rank. Be careful, they might have backfire on, and could get you killed as well.
The victim can shoot back twice as hard as you did, if he has that many bullets (remember that for backfire there is also a maximum of 60.000 bullets that can be fired).
When you kill someone, you will receive all of their pocket money.

Each kill will give you certain amount of kill points.

Killing Rules:

  • You may only shoot 1 rank above your own rank, and 1 rank below UNLESS:
    • You are Local Chief +
    • You are in a family and set as the hammer and your target is in the same family
    • Your target has been on the hitlist for more than 24 hours.
    • Active accounts are harder to kill overall

    • Shooting or getting shot in your family home city will give you even more attack boost (backfire in case of being shot

Protection: During the first 48 hours you will be under protection. You cannot be shot at and are unable to shoot at anyone

Kill points

Kill points are based on the account points of killed player with rank modifier. For example: if you kill #1 as GF if his account has 400 points you get 400 points plus X% bonus for:

Don: 30%
Top: 20%
Capo: 10%
Family down: 20%
Capo down: 5%
Godfather: 10%
Capodecina: 5%


Once you're ready to kill your opponent, first you need to find them, and this is the place to do so! You can hire detectives in every city which will search for your opponent, when they have found him/her they will report to your inbox, and keep track of their movements for 2 hours.

- The normal price for detectives is 2000$ per detective. However, it increases for 1$ for each 10 honor points the target has.
- It discounts 25% if your don is CDTC.
- When the target is 2 ranks lower it also discounts 1$ per 10 honor points the target has


The costs of the safehouse are calculated with the following formula: ($100*min^2)
This means if you want to go to safehouse for 60 minutes, you calculate it like this: 60 * 60 * $100 = $360.000
In case you want to go for 30 minutes, you calculate it like this: 30 * 30 * $100 = $90.000


Keep in mind, when you kill someone , a random person online in the city will receive a witness statement telling that you killed the user in question . 

Killing your own don (hijack)

Family name changes are allowed only in case of a hijack;

Top2 and successor will be automatically removed in case of Hijack