On this page you can find information about:

  1. Live Chat
  2. List of users
  3. General room
  4. Private rooms (city and family room)
  5. Private messages (under development)
  6. Extras
  7. Blacklist
  8. User colors
  9. Browser notifications
  10. Rules and regulations

Live Chat

In the Mafia world, words are more important than guns!

Ingame Live Chat has been implemented so players can easily keep in touch with their partners in crime.

The Chat window occupies all the right side of the interface. layers can open or close it seamlessly - you only need to click on the arrow button, which you can find on the top of the interface, on the right side.

Open or close chat window with the arrow icon

List of users

Players can easily check who is online on chat through the list button on the top of the channel.

This list will show online user ingames.

If you are curious about certain user and you want to see his/her profile, you can simply click on ingame name on chat and wanted profile page will open.  If the user list is too big, players can navigate using the scrollbar.

List of players on the chat

General room

Where most of the action is. This is the room where most of the players will hang out. Every registered user can access it as it is a public channel.

Rules: All the rules from our IRC official channels are applied in this room as well

 General room

Private rooms  

Chat is not restricted to only one room. You have access to a range of different rooms: one for the city where you are, one for your family and (in near future) other private rooms that you will be able to create and invite people to join in. It's important to have your friends close or even your enemies, but some business needs to be done in private.

City room

This is the room where all city business is done. Find your heist, raid and race partners or arrange organized and mega organized crimes in one city. Every city has it's own room.

Family room

This is where you deal with your family business. Only members of your family can access family room.

Private room example


Highlight users

You are able to highlight a player with following command: @INGAME (for example, @Dot). That player will see his name highlighted, standing out from the other online players on chat. 

Highlight example

Follow what you are writing 

It is easy to follow up your lines as they are shown in a different color (blue). Your text will always stand out from the other colors present on the chat, so it gets very easy to know what you wrote and when.


Annoyed by someone on the live chat? Too much spam? You can add other gangsters to your blacklist! Once added, you won't be able to see messages from that gangster on the Live Chat. To add gangsters to blacklist, go to Chat Settings on the left menu.

Users colors

Users color on chat differ by:

1 - Status

(WHITE) - Non donate members

(SILVER) - Donate members

(GOLD) - Donate + Members

Users' text colors

2 - Family Membership

Live chat corresponds to users family. If a user has a family his nick on chat will be in the color of that family.


3 - Position in family

Players who have a important position on their families will have it written behind their nicks.


Family status on chat

Browser notifications

Up on the game tab where it says Omerta (version) you will get notifications about mentions on chat, alerts and messages you receive while you are on other pages on your browser. This is done in order to draw your attention so you don't miss what matters.

Browser notifications about your game

Rules and Regulations


In General and City room you can only talk English (on international versions - DM and COM) or Local language + English for local servers.

This means, on TR it is allowed to speak ONLY Turkish and English, on NL it is allowed to speak ONLY Dutch and English and on PT it is allowed to speak ONLY Portuguese and English.

In your family room you can speak any language of your family choice.

General room is used for general conversation. Every online gangster has access to this room.

City room is used for city business - heists, organized and mega organized crimes, raids and races.

Family room is used for your family business. This room is available only for members of one family.

Please get yourself familiar with network rules.  Disobeying these rules will lead to permanent ban from the chat.