The Forum is for remarks, help, or questions to fellow members about the game. You can also look for heist/oc/race partners on the forum. Make sure you post your messages in the right sub forum, to prevent them from being removed by a crewmember. Note: be careful with posting in the forum. First read and follow the forum rules, if you don't want to be punished by an admin A few basic rules for using the forum:

  • The only language that can be used in the forum is English! That also counts for the Rip forum and other forum topics!
  • No racism of any kind!
  • No numbering games in the News items, like #1 and jiehaa FIRST! and any of those forms that do not have anything to add to the news items and are only there to frustrate the crew and the players that do have something serious to add.
  • We will not act on every word of fuck, bastard or you telling in a rip forum how much you hate someone etc. This is still a mafia game and we sell drugs and kill people in this game, but think before you post a message. We do act if it is getting too offensive or personal.

The latest news from the crew can be found in the latest news. The most recent topics are shown on your right menu.

It is up to the crew to decide what can or can not be posted. If you see any post that you think should be deleted or closed, contact a crew member.

If you should post anything that is against any of these rules, you could risk a forum ban, account punish or even an admin kill.