The bank can be used for 3 things: transfer money to and from your bank account, transfer money to your family bank account or transfer money to other members of the game.

  • When transferring money, please note that there is a transfer fee of 10%. This means if you send $111 for example, the receiver will only get $100.
  • On this page you will also be able to see the last 50 transfers from and to other users in the game.
  • If you put money on your bank, you´ll get interest over the amount of money that´s left on your bank after 24 hours. In the meanwhile you can take money off your bank. You can add more money to your bank, however then the 24 hours for interest will start over again.

Waiting multiple days will not help you in getting more money, cause the interest you will get, is given over 24 hours. After that you will need to put your money back on the bank again to gain more money.

Important! The user you have set in your testament will receive 40% of the money on your bank account, all the money in your pocket goes to your killer.

If you want to sent money to a friend just choose the name from your friend list or set it in the text box after ‘send to:’, you can also choose to send the money to your family bank.