You can buy bullets from the local mob, or from the family that owns the factory in the city you are.
The local mafia bring out their bullets every 1 or 2 minutes. The price that they are available for is completely random. Keep in mind that the amount of bullets you can buy depends on your race form
If your family owns the bullet factory they will recieve 100% of the money of the sold bullets as profit.

  • When raided to 0% the object will be out of business.
  • When the owner can't pay out the raid, the object will go bankrupt.
  • When the Bullet Factory is out of business or bankrupt the owner can't produce any bullets.
  • The players can still buy bullets, IF there are bullets left in the Bullet Factory

Number of bullets you can buy from obay is dependent on the amount of bullets you bought from local bulletfactory the previous day. You will be able to keep track of your bought bullets at the My account page.

Bullet price

  • Every minute X bullets are added to Local Bullet factory until it reaches a maximum of 5000;
  • Once the BF reaches its maximum and no bullets are bought, every minute it will start lowering the price until the factory has less than 2500, after that, the price will refresh again.
  • Bullets are now priced randomly between 500$ and 1500$ per bullet for our local versions (TR, NL), with the exception of PT, for that version the price is between 300$ and 800$ per bullet.
  • At our DM version bullets are now priced randomly between 500$ and 1500$ per bullet. And at our COM version the bullets are now priced randomly between 300$ and 1000$ per bullet;

Number of bullets that user can shoot

Due to the high amount of suicides occurring in some versions, we decided to limit the maximum amount of bullets a user can shoot, depending on it's current rank.

Rank of attackerBullets
Empty Suit0
Delivery Boy/Girl1,000
Local Chief15,000/40,000/60,000*

* explained in detail in section Local Chief

Local Chief 


When Local Chief shoots on rank lower, he can fire maximum 15,000 bullets. When Local Chief shoots on the same rank he can fire maximum 40,000 bullets. When Local Chief shoots on higher rank, he can fire maximum 60,000 bullets.

Backfire! Limit of bullets to shoot per rank is NOT applied in backfire!

Which rank can you shoot?

  • Lower ranks than Local Chief can kill 1 rank up or down 
  • Local Chief and Chief can kill one rank below but 2 ranks above
  • Every higher rank than Chief can still shoot 2 ranks above/below
  • Chief can shoot Godfather/First lady rank and vice verse

Cool-down to the next kill attempt

If you shoot on one rank lower, your cooldown for next kill will be 2 hours. 

On the other side, if you shoot at one rank higher, your cooldown will be 30 min.


If Bruglione rank shoots on Local Chief, he/she will have to wait 3 hours for next kill attempt! 

If Swindler rank shoots on hitlisted Delivery Boy/Girl account, he/she will have to wait 9 hours for next kill attempt!

Number of bullets that user can buy

To prevent users getting loaded with bullets, without having much activity, we have spiced up things a bit. The amount of bullets user can buy is in direct co-relation to his driving skill.

How to get driving skill? You can level up your driving skill by racing with other players. 

Other servers
Advanced Driver1,425370

Master Driver

Advanced Chauffeur2,100640
Master Chauffeur2,325730
Racing Driver2,550820
Race Supremo2,775910



If your driving skill is 0% you will be able to buy only minimum amount of bullets each hour. 
If your race form is full (100%), you are a good driver and you can buy maximum amount of bullets per hour. 

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