In the garage you can see all the cars you have stolen in the game. Options you have in the garage are:

  • Seeing extra information about certain cars in your garage
  • Shipping cars to other cities
  • Selling your cars
  • Repairing your cars
  • Moving your cars into a safehouse
  • Crushing cars (when your family has hired a crusher)
  • Local crush (crushing when you are famless)
  • Select cars for several options in the game

Moving your car in a safehouse means it cannot be taken away from you by the feds, but remember, nothing is without a price!,
Safehousing is useful for cars you might want to use for a heist, OC, MOC, or race. Different cars have different qualities, and one car might be great at using in a race, but perform badly in a group crime, while another car has the exact opposite effect.
It's up to the users to find out what to use for what. Think you are up for the challenge?