On obay you can buy and sell almost everything you want, making money with your cars, or even selling donation codes! Even casinos and accommodation can be sold!

When the seller dies before the auction is over, all buyers get their money back. Make sure to place your bets 20 seconds before the auction ends.

When your buying or selling on obay you will be informed in your inbox, if there is a higher bid then you placed or if you got the item.

If you buy a Bodyguard which requires a certain rank, or amount of network points, you cannot train them before you have the right rank or the right amount of network points.

Obay DCs are connected to the server where you bought it.

This means that obay bought DC can only be used on that server. You can still sell your 1/3 and 2/3 DCs on Obay with a reduction of 30 or 60% of the sell value, respectively;

DC sold on obay changes it's ID and the new ID is known only to a buyer while the old ID gets removed from our system. This way sellers cannot abuse sales nor use DCs that they have already sold.

You are not allowed to sell DCs outside of the obay (not on chat, not on IRC, not via inbox or any other media). Any transaction that symbolizes DC sales outside of the obays' one will lead to punishment or admin kill. Don't take a risk.

Sell anonymously

If you sell something anonymously on Obay, you'll be charged double the seller fee.
For example: If you sell a pack of bullets, you pay 15% if you show your ingame name. But as anonymous, you'll be charged 30%.

Always note down your donation code when you are going to sell it on obay, you won't receive it in a message when you didn't sell it!

Inflated obay transactions with sole purpose of money transfer are not allowed and will be punishable by admin kill. 

Obay purchased DCs are disabled upon the admin kill of the account. 

Bullets received from family bullet factory cannot be sold on obay.