The Obay is a real-time auction house.

Here you can buy almost everything you want and sell almost everything you own. 

That includes donation codes, accommodations and entire casinos!

Every time you're outbid or someone bids on an item you're selling your inbox receives a notification.

The Obay's interface is divided into 5 major sections:

overview, auctions, history, add new, details.

Overview page

On the Overview page gangsters can:

  • find the average pricing for all selling items
  • filter all auctions, by clicking the respective icons
  • follow up on auctions you're participating
  • retake your position as highest bidder
  • check your selling items
Listings (auction) page

On the Auctions page gangsters can:

  • view, bid or instantly buy (if buy it now price is defined) any listed item 
  • filter items per type (multiple filters allowed simultaneously)
  • sort the items


On the History page gangsters can: 

  • check any items put up for auction.


Add new item

On the Add New item page gangsters can: 

  • put items for sale


On the Details page gangsters can: 

  • follow all biddings in real time
  • check the average prices per round day

About Average Pricing

Every time an item is sold, the average price for that type of item is calculated.

Starting bid prices must go between -50% and +50% of the average price.

On the first days of round the minimum and maximum price per type of item is set automatically.

About Selling 

Note that when listing multiple items simultaneously a 10 second extra ending time will be added.

When you die with open listings, the auction will close and buyers get their money back. 


About Bidding

You can bid any item at any time, but note that you can only bid between 5% and 15% of the last bid.

Auctions are extended an extra minute if there’s a new bid on the last 10 minutes.

Also, make sure you're bidding for an item you're edible to own.

If not, the seller will retain the item and still pocket your money.

Example1: You can only own one casino at a time. So if you win the auction for a second one, you'll just be stripped off your money and remain the owner of a single casino.

Example2: Despite already owning one, you go and bid for multiple Lee bodyguards. You can out bid everyone but your old Lee will only be replaced by a new higher-level Lee. If not, you'll just your money and be stuck with the old Lee.


Item Types with specific Rules


  1. There is no limits applied for Bodyguard type of item, neither bidding, neither selling.
  2. The Bodyguard seller fee is now 20% (instead of 10%). And anonymous sellers pay a 40% fee.

Witness Statements

  1. The witness Statements no longer have an expiry date, you may list them on obay indefinitely.

Casinos and Accommodations

  1. It’s no longer possible to list Casinos or Accommodations anonymously.


Donate Codes

Note that DCs are connected to the server where you bought them.

This means that a DC you buy in Obay can only be used on that same server. 

Any DC sold on Obay have a new ID.

The new ID is known only to the buyer (the old ID gets wiped from the system).

This prevents sellers from using or reselling already sold DCs.

Purchased DCs can only be put back for sale on Obay 48 hours after the previous listing ended. 

You are not allowed to sell DCs outside Obay (not on chat, not on IRC, not via inbox, not anywhere).

Any transaction outside Obay will lead to punishment or admin kill.

Don't take a risk.

Obay purchased DCs are disabled upon the admin kill of the account.

Selling anonymously

If you sell something anonymously on Obay, you'll be charged double the seller fee.
So, if you're selling a pack of bullets for instance, you'll be charged a 30% fee instead of the usual 15% fee.

Commissions fee table


Your active bid (your bid is the last one)
You were overbid 
Auction with few bids (low activity)
Very active auction
No bids

Always note down your donation code when you are going to sell it on obay, you won't receive it in a message when you didn't sell it!

Inflated obay transactions with sole purpose of money transfer are not allowed and will be punishable by admin kill. 

Bullets received from family bullet factory cannot be sold on obay.