When the family hires a crusher, the members can crush their cars and make some bullets.
You crush your car on the Garage and you need to be in the same city of the car to crush it.
It’s a good idea to organize your cars in one or two cities so you can crush them at once and don’t need to wait the travel time when your family hires the crusher.

Hiring the Crusher

Top3 can hire the crusher on the Control Panel.
To hire the crusher you need to hire a Demolisher and a Converter.
The Demolisher gains iron from cars, it determines how many cars the members will be able to crush. The Converter converts the iron to bullets, it determines how many bullets each car provides.
There is four categories of Demolisher and Converter: Small, Medium, Large and Sophisticated & Huge.
Below you can see a list with the class, its prices and Demolisher/Converter particularity.

CategoryPrice Demolisher Converter
Small$1,000,000750 cars8 bullets/car
Medium$2,500,0001500 cars10 bullets/car
Large$5,000,0003000 cars12 bullets/bar
 Sophisticated & Huge  $12,000,000 5000 cars 14 bullets/car 

You don’t need to hire the same category of Demolisher and Converter.
Example: You can hire a Large Demolisher with a Medium Converter. So, the members will be able to crush up to 3,000 cars and each cars will provide 10 bullets. It would cost 7,5 million, 5 for the demolisher and 2,5 for the converter.

When family has crusher hired there is more car pieces around in junkyard which makes it cheaper to fix your cars.