Family Creation

Family functions

The Don doesn’t need to run the family alone, he can put some members in charge of functions to help him with this task. Sometimes it’s not an option only, it can be necessary to keep your family up.
Family functions is an important factor to consider on a kill attempt.

Apart from the capos of the family, only the Don can manage the family functions.

Top 3

The family management is done by three players: Don, Sottocapo and Consiglieri (the top3).
They all have the same access to manage the members, control the fambank etc (family resources are explained below).
The Don has some further access, as he/she can set all functions and he/she can hand over the family to the successor.
There can be only one of each top3 position.

 You have to keep a top3 position for 5 hours at least.


This function has a resemblance to the top3 functions.
Each capo is in charge to manage a portion of the family members (up to 24 members), his/her caporegime.
Capos have the same access/info the top3 has on Manage User, but on the members in his regime only.
Top3 cannot be capo and every top3 can promote a member to capo or take a capo from the job.


The Don can set 2 successors. Every family member can be a successor, even capos and top3.
When the Don dies, the first successor takes over the family.
If the first successor is not valid, the second successor does.
If there is no valid successor when a Don dies, the family goes down.

If capo is successor, he will loose his regime (all members will go famless).

A successor is not valid if:

  • he/she is dead;
  • he/she doesn’t exist (Don has not set one or the name doesn’t exist);
  • his/her rank is lower than Local Chief;

Control Panel shows an warning message on the top when one of the successors is not valid.


Only one member can assume this function and every member can be the Hammer except the Don. This position increases the attack power.
When a family member buys bullets, 1% of the amount bought goes to the Hammer of the family.
Also, the Hammer can shoot any family member, doesn't matter his/her rank. It can be very useful, for example, when you need to prevent a hijack attempt.

Family Buster

Only one member can assume this function and every member can be the Family Buster.
This position increases the bustout chances.

Family Resources

Control Panel

Here top3 can see and control many family resources and change several settings that are listed bellow:


Top3 can change the name of the family. It costs 30 million. Note: the family name can only be changed after a hijack. It is no longer possible to change the family name in other situations.

Family Image

Top3 can upload an image with a maximum size of 60kb to be the family logo.

Family Quote

Top3 can edit the family quote. They can use all our available profile tags.

  • Leave money – the value the member have to pay to leave the family (maximum: 5 million)
  • Promotion Money

The family can reward its members when they are promoted. Here top3 can set the value the first rank will receive (Delivery Boy/Girl) and the percentage it increases each rank.

  • Recruiting – inviting players to join the family
  • Hire Crusher – detailed explanation below.
  • Action log

a log of actions like putting a new member in charge of a function or hiring a crusher.

  • Family functions (for the Don only)
  • Handover (Don only) - hands over the family to the successor.

You have to wait a while after to take the control of the family or to hand it over, since every top3 has to keep the position for 5 hours (at least). 

Manage Users

Here top3 can set capos and its caporegime. They also can see the capomoney each capo has (important to become capodecina).
They can see the start date, the last online time, the city and the rank of every member and can kick each of them.
Each caporegime can has up to 24 members and the number of capos can be up to one tenth of the size of the family HQ.

Control Bank

Here top3 can manage the family bank. They can send money for any family member and see the last sent and received transfers.
There is a taxe of 15% on the transfers sent from the fambank.

Control Panel, Manage Users and Control Bank are protected pages.You have to fill in a field with your kill password at the first time you try to access one of these pages.

Capo CP

Available to every capo, it's similar to Manage Users, but it shows infos of the members in the caporegime only.
Capos can see via Capo CP, the same infos the top3 can see via Manage Users: start date, last online time, city and rank.
They also can kick each of the members in their caporegime from the family.
Capo CP shows a log with promotions of every member in his/her caporegime.

Mass Messaging

Top3 and capos are able to send “mass messages” to the members.
Top3 members can send messages to all member or to all top3 and capos at once.
Capos are able to send messages to all member in his/her caporegime at once.
Mass messages are also sent on the Mail page, you just have to choose the option on the dropdown of the field “Send To:”.

Family forum

The family has a private forum where the members can chat.
Every member can open topics and post/reply on the family forum.

Family activity

Family activity shows average activity of all family members. 

Families don't receive any profits from spots if the average activity is under 60%. The Family Bank will reset and be disabled if average activity of the family is under 30%