The pillory is also known as The Hall of Shame.

Being here is the worst thing you can imagine as a gangster. The user is there because of Cheating, this can be Scripting, Account sharing, Hacking, Takeover an account, Advertisers, Racists.

People can throw tomatoes at these bastards for $1.000 a piece. They will lose 1% health for every tomato thrown at them. When they have no health left they will die from just one simple tomato.

 The lucky gangster that has thrown the fatal tomato will receive %25 of their pocket cash!

It is like an admin kill, so you are not able to save these people or write in their rip forums afterwards. If a person is on the pillory you wont get anything from the testament. (This goes for all admin kills)

Only crewmembers can put someone on the pillory and they will not do it on request.