Omerta is a free-to-play game, however we do have lots of costs like server maintenance, development team, etc. If you help us by donating, you will not only make it possible to maintain the game as we might be able to do more and better improvements. We really appreciate your help and in return we give you several benefits such as a bigger inbox, higher click limit, etc.

Several and different type of donation methods are available, so you really need to select the right country and select the method you prefer. It also is possible to purchase a donation code at Obay payed with ingame money. Donation codes purchased at Obay have to be used on the server they are purchased at.

After the initial purchase, DC can be re-sold on obay with reduction of the selling value  or used for lackeys, click limit or SMS. Information about the number of times a DC is/was on obay can be found under the listing.

As a way to show your appreciation and how great you think this multiplayer game is, you can support Omerta by donating a small amount of money.

The advantages

  • Your click limit will be raised to 40 instead of the usual 11.
  • You can store 30 messages in your inbox and you can have 30 friends in your friendliest.
  • Your messaging text on ingame chat will be silver

Each donation code is valid for a period of 28 days after activation.

If you choose, you can also buy 2 donating codes, which would make you donating+ (donating gold) member.
The extra advantages of being a donating+ member instead of a donating member are:

  • You can have 40 friends in your friends list.
  • You can store 50 messages in your inbox instead of the 30 for a normal donator.
  • Double quote length on your user profile, 4096 characters instead of 2048.
  • Your messaging text on ingame chat will be gold

On the Support Omerta page you will find several ways of donating real money.
Make sure to choose a method that is available for your country flag. If the method that you would like to use doesn´t support your country, there´s always the possibility to buy your donating code(s) on Obay, with Omerta dollars.

We don not give elite options to donating members. If a donating member is cheating or duping they will be punished!


How many times can i re-sell DC on obay?

After the initial purchase you can sell your DCs on Obay with a reduction of 30 or 60% of the sell value, respectively;