The new rebirth system is based on milestones.

Milestones are represented by certain items from your dead account, which you can redeem/collect.

These items are divided in:

BulletsBustoutsKillsMoneyRank progressWork Experience

As you can see possessions is currently disabled but it will be functional in the near future. This group is consisted out of all items you can purchase via ingame market.

What is work experience? The crimes, car theft and smuggling attempts that you did on your previous account. 

Milestones are based on dividers - you get 10 milestones for every 10% of your old account. 

10% of your old account is presented by 10% of any item you choose to use at your rebirth (from the list above).


Milestones system was implemented to give more short term objectives to be fulfilled, and to reward active players for doing such. You are given the opportunity to be competitive and to reach the top with your rebirth account. It is a reward for not giving up. 

How it works?

When you die, you are sent to a page to create your new character. Here you are offered 10 initial milestones* and you can decide where you want to apply them. 

Later on, throughout the game, by reaching more milestones you get a chance to recover all of the lost items from your previous account. 

Remember! You can collect your lost items only when you reach specific milestone on your new life. 

*Initial milestones are based on the statistic of your account at the moment of death

Of course, you have to choose wisely how to apply given milestones. 

Milestones page has 2 tabs - To collect and Achieved.

To collect tab will show all milestones that you will be able to collect by progressing with your account.

Achieved tab shows all milestones that you have already collected or milestones that you have missed to collect. 

Based on the initial milestones that you select, you will be able to see 2 different progress bars - red and blue.

Red and blue progress bar

Red progress bar represents progress that you need to catch up from initially collected milestones. As collected milestones do not count for progress to redeem, we show them in red bar. In short Catch - up progress equals progress you need to make before your milestone's start to 'move'. After catch-up progress bar reaches 100%, blue progress bar will appear. Blue progress bar represents progress to reedem. When blue progress bar is 100% your milestone will be ready to collect.

Kill milestones

Kill milestones are the only one's that are collected automatically (once the given task is accomplished). When you are on your milestones page you will see certain tasks to fulfill in order to claim these milestones.

Tasks can be:

  • Kill.This milestone will give you kill from previous account
  • Try to kill. This milestone will give you the attempt of your previous account (you just need to try the shot, the outcome doesn’t matter for you to collect)
  • Survive. This milestone will give you an attempt on your life from your previous account (you need to survive attempt on your life)

The attempt that kills your previous account is not considered as milestone. This means, if you kill another player and die in backfire there won’t be a milestone for this event. Same applies for the situation where attacker kills you,  no matter if you kill him in backfire or not.

Work experience milestones

Work experience milestones are consisted of 4 parts:

  • Crimes
  • Car Nicks
  • Booze
  • Narcs

Work milestones are automatically added to your rebirth account.

Step-by-step guide to redeem items

On "Create a new character page"

1) Select your name and gender2) Select where to put your first 10 milestones

Left Menu ->My Account -> Milestones page

3) A notification appears on your game4) Go to milestone page and collect the items you can

Nothing lasts forever! You have only 2 hour to redeem your items on the milestones page! 

Rebirth and rank requirements

As of July 2019 we have introduced rank requirements - certain goals that you need to achieve in order to promote to next rank. 

How do rank requirements affect rebirth?

They don't. All requirements that you have met with previous account will be considered already achieved and you will be able to promote to selected rank (in case you select rank points to rebirth with).

All actions that you made with first account and which you need to meet in requirements will stay accumulative. All possessions that you had (any item from the market or cars) will be lost and you will need to purchase them again to meet your requirements.



Example #1 - Kills

Current rebirth system:

Lets say that you died on Bruglione account with 10 Bruglione kills. You rebirth and rank up to Bruglione. You have made 10 Bruglione kills again. The round is done and there was player with 11 Bruglione kills. This player had only one account through whole round.  With 11 Bruglione kills he is the winner of Hall of Fame. 

New rebirth system: 

Lets say that you died on Bruglione account with 10 Bruglione kills. You make rebirth account and you decide to redeem some of your kills via milestone system. Ranking up and reaching milestones you are 'claiming' your kills from previous account. You didn't miss any milestone. In the meantime, you made another 10 Bruglione kills with your rebirth account. At the moment where the your rebirth account reaches the SAME number of kills from your previous account you will have 100% of kills claimed from it. This means that you have total of 20 kills on your rebirth account and you will win Hall of Fame.

PS: The ranks of your kills matter, this means, milestones will only increase progress if you have exact same rank kills (or bigger).

Example #2 - Bullets 

Current rebirth system: 

You die with 100,000 bullets. On rebirth you chose an option which allow you to keep a % of your bullets and you create a new account with those bullets. That's it.

New rebirth system:

You die with 100,000 bullets. On the rebirth page, you select from start how many milestones you want to collect straightforward. Lets say that you put 2 milestones on bullets. This means that you will start your rebirth account with 20,000 bullets. As the game progresses, you buy 30,000 bullets. This means that you have total of 50,000 bullets now. On this milestone, you will be able to collect 10,000 bullets more from 3rd milestone, and you will have total of 60,000 bullets. 

Don't forget! Collected bullets do not add to progress of milestones. Explained in different way, it meas that if you now have 60,000 bullets (30,000 from milestone and 30,000 bought) you will have to buy 10,000 more bullets to collect 4th milestone (40% of 100,000 bullets from your old account). Once you buy 100,000 bullets, if you do not fail to collect milestones you will have 200,000 bullets (100,000 bought and 100,000 collected).

The new milestones system offers you the chance to reach the top ranking players faster than ever. You get a chance to fight for a place in the Hall of Fame, even with your rebirth account!


Bullets shot do not count towards catch up progress nor progress to reedem.
Bullets shot count towards kill milestones. Only bullets count that you have in possession is the one that will count towards your catch up and/or progress to reedem bar.

Example #3 - Money

Imagine that you die with 100.000.000 $ on your bank account. You will have 10 milestones of 10.000.000$ available to collect. You choose to rebirth with 6 money milestones, which represents 60.000.000$ (60%)

In order to collect next milestone (10.000.000$  on the 70%) you need to bank additional 60.000.000$ + another 10.000.000$ (10% of your 100.000.000$). Your milestone progress will reach collection pop-up when you have 130.000.000$. This is because collected milestones don't count in milestone progress. When you rebirth with certain amount of money that is to help you start, but that money won't be counted for milestone progress. You need to start banking more in order for progress bar to move towards next milestone. 

At this moment you will have total of 140.000.000$ in your bank.

In order to collect next milestone (10.000.000$ on the 80%) you need to bank only 10.000.000$. Why?

Because in previous step you banked 70.000.000$ Now you only need to bank another 10.000.000$ making it total of 80.000.000$ banked money (earned money) which will open your next milestone to collect. After collecting this milestone you will have total of 160.000.000$ in your bank account.  

At the moment you reach 100% your bank will be double than it was at the moment of death from your previous account. 

Important! If you spend money from your bank your progress bar will decrease.


I am on my third rebirth. Can I redeem milestones from the first one?

If you have uncollected milestones from any of the previous accounts, you can collect them. But don't forget - you can collect milestone only once!

How to create rebirth account

Step 1: Choose the name for your character (ingame)

Step 2: Choose your character gender

Step 3: Select 10 start milestones to help you in re-ranking

Creating rebirth account