War system

This new war system doesn’t allow a family to be attacked by more than 1 family at the same time.

The defending family is automatically protected from attacks by other families.

However, the attacking family can have a third family attacking at the same time if they don’t meet the worth rule. The attacker family can be protected from third family attacks if they shoot a family with 75%+of their worth.

During the war

  • All deaths from high ranks extend the current war timer for 24h;
  • Families involved at a war can’t invite or kick players (but they can while in recovery time)
  • Members that were in the family at the war start time can re-join even if the family is in a war (rebirths included).
  • It's no longer possible to buy expansion while in a war (but you can while in recovery time);

A war ends when one of the families die or if there are no attacks during the last 24 hours. If one family is stalling a  war (delaying kills to extend protection) that will be consider abuse and protection will be removed or family will be downed.

Winning a war

 Defending family wins the war:

The family will be protected for 48 hours (recovering time) but can give up of that protection by attacking some other family).

 Attacking family wins the war:

The family can be attacked right away if the defending family had less than 75% of their worth;

If the attacked a family with 75%+ of their worth, the family receives 48h of protection but can give up of that by attacking other family.


When a war timer reaches the end without a winner (neither attacking nor defending family won a war) that war will end as ceasefire. No family will have war recovery time. 

When the round is near the end we will initialize final phase.

The winner family will keep the businesses of the other family even if they are from another city (but capo can’t be promoted to Capodecina). 
Family can have only one BF (that BF doesn't have to be in their home city, can be conquered by shooting)

Final phase of the game

he End of Game concept is based on following facts:

Once game gets close to the end we facilitate the ending by announcing the start of final phase.

As soon as the final phase is announced:

  • the cost of family creation goes up 4x (during 24h - 48h after the announcement is made)
  • players can not change families but they can re-join their past families (rebirths included)

After the specific date stated in the final phase is announcement: 

  • no more families are allowed to be created
  • the famless can no longer join a family
  • all LC+ famless accounts get demoted to Asasssin and can no longer promote.

On DM and only, users can buy 2x more bullets and there will be 2x more production of bullets (both local and family);

At the end of the game, only one family can be the winner. This means that the last family alive wins it all.

Things to keep in mind:

Merging of the families is not allowed.