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  1. Defining a winner
  2. Rewards 
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Defining a winner

Winners are defined by End of the Game concept.


Family which had 5 or more members admin killed cannot, in running round, be Hall of Fame winner*
Family which has been admin killed cannot, in running round, be Hall of Fame winner**
Player who was admin killed cannot, in running round, be Hall of Fame winner
Family which had 10 or more members admin killed will be downed by admins and cannot, in running round, be Hall of Fame winner

*Akills are connected to unique family ID (new family, new ID)

** Admin killed family is family that has been removed from the game by admins without akilling don

Who are the winners?

The top Family is the last family standing at the moment that the EOG decides a version will be closed.

The Don of that family is Don in charge of that family at the moment the EOG decides the version will close

The top killer is the player with the most kill points*, the top ranker is the player with the highest RP at the end of the normal round is the 'deciding moment'

Kill points

Kill points are based on the account points of killed player with rank modifier. For example: if you kill #1 as GF if his account has 400 points you get 400 points plus X% bonus for:

Don: 30%
Top: 20%
Capo: 10%
Family down: 20%
Capo down: 5%
Godfather: 10%
Capodecina: 5%

Keep in mind!

Not all kills count for Hall of Fame. Here is a list of kills that are not included:
- Inkills
- kicking and killing of own members (farming)


Rewards include start(s) of profile and/or voucher/lackeys credits.

Hall of Fame star removal upon an admin kill
If a player, who won Hall of Fame in the past, gets an admin kill, his star will be automatically removed

Player can receive a winning reward only on the account that belongs to the same master account (e-mail) as the account he won the reward with.


- Don and members need to be at family for 50% of their account lifetime. This includes rebirth accounts as well once this time will be associated with the master account. This way, don of a family will be the account that held that position the longest, whether he is on rebirth account or not;
- Family name changes are allowed only in case of a hijack;
- If one family has 10 admin kills that family goes down;
- The HoF awards can be cancelled after admin review if an anti-game pattern is noticed (blooding/allying more families than possible enemies, creating a lockdown).

Note: Creating a new family or any other attempt of manipulation of  the rules from above will mean that round will end without Hall of Fame winners.