Ingame Rules


To keep the game as fair as possible we need some rules to live by. Breaking any of those rules can lead to a punishment or an akill. Read these rules carefully before you begin playing. In case you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact the ingame crew.



There are many different ways to punish, It depends on the violation what the punishment would be.
Examples of punishments are:  
  • An akill (admin kill)
  • Account freeze
  • Downgrading account stats
  • IP ban
  • Ingame chat ban
  • Excessive online time
    The online timer tracks the amount of hours a player is online in the previous 48hr and punishes them if they exceed the 34 hours/ 48 hours. If a player goes over that limit, they are admin punished, to the tune of 10 rp for every minute that exceeds the 34 hours in the previous 48 hour period.
  • Warning

Before we use punishments we always have 100% proof. All our akills are checked by multiple crewmembers before they are approved and executed. This way, errors are excluded.



It's not allowed to have more than one (alive) account, no matter what you use it for or what the reason of it is
When you get caught for duping your accounts will be removed.
When you know people who have dupe accounts you can report them to  crew, by sending in an ticket or go to #help on the IRC network.

IP Violations

It is possible to play from the same IP-adress with your brother/sister friends etc.
It doesn’t help to mention on your profile that you play from multiple locations because it is impossible for crew to remember all brothers, sisters and friends.
To avoid admin kills for IP violation it is very important to follow these guidelines:

  • Never share passwords
  • Never Log in at computers/IP's of people that are known scripters
  • Never share phone number
  • Never share an e-mail address
  • Be careful! Violating even one of these rules will lead to instant admin kill of                                                    both (or more) accounts.


*Rules apply for the accounts that have different IPs as well


Account Share

It's not allowed to share your account. This means that you can only use your own account. As soon as you logging into another account (or someone uses your account) you are sharing.
If you play with more people on one account, your account will be killed immediately for account sharing. No matter the rank of your account.
Logging in to the account of someone else will result in a kill for both accounts! Do not take the risk cause you will lose more than you can win.


Account take over

When you takeover an account started by someone else and you get caught, the account will be killed.

Proxies and VPN use


It is strictly forbidden to use a proxy or VPN service to play Omerta. If it is found on your account you will get an akill. If you are obligated to use them (for whichever possible reason), mail to with all information and reasoning you can give us, so our devs can confirm them and approve/deny. This is the only way you can avoid getting akilled for logging in on Proxy or VPN.

We also check the use of an open proxy server, and if found one, the open proxy server will be banned.


Selling / buying for real money


It is not permitted to use Omerta for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is forbidden to buy or sell game accounts, including ingame money, DCs (donate codes) or/and other igname related objects and possessions. Even the accounts with intention of involving into buying/selling Omerta related possessions will be admin killed.



Obay transactins and faked poker games


Inflated obay transactions and faked poker games with sole purpose of money transfer are not allowed and will be punishable by admin kill. 




It is not permitted to trade Omerta goods from one server to the other, including ingame money or other ingame related objects or possessions.


You are not allowed to sell DCs outside of the obay (not on chat, not on IRC, not via inbox or any other media). Any transaction that symbolizes DC sales outside of the obays' one will lead to punishment or admin kill. Don't take a risk.


Trading of one DC for another is not permitted.


Exchange of DC for HPs is the only permitted transaction.





It is not allowed to have so called trade or funding accounts. Transfers between players is not a problem but having several accounts owned by others with the sole reason to send you all money they make is not allowed.


Funding account is an account used for sole purpose for benefiting other player. Benefit can be seen as money transfers, races, crimes, DC, bullet transfers etc.



Bots, tools and scripts


Use of any tools, bots, spiders, scripts or similar software based devices which automatically or semi-automatically engage in gameplay in Omerta is not allowed. At this moment the only allowed plugin is Beyond. But this is not a guarantee, Omerta is free to change this at all times. If you developed some kind of bot for example to log ingame stats for IRC, you also need permission from us to run it. Please contact in case you want permission.



Screen share software


Using any kind of screen share software is not allowed while you are playing Omerta. When you get caught using software like teamviewer you will get akilled for account share.





It’s not allowed to abuse / use bugs, in case you found a bug please report it to the ingame crew by creating a ingame ticket or by joining #help. You can find more information about our bug policy here.



Usernames and family names


We have a couple of rules about the creation of usernames (ingames) and family name, please keep them in mind if you register your account or creating your family.                                


It is not allowed to use: offensive, politically, war and/or crew related names.


It is up to crew to decide whether your ingame or family name is allowed or not. If your name is not allowed then you may be asked to change your name. It is also possible that we change your name to something else to prevent further use of the name.

Ingame name change: 24 hours after account creation if user is Piccioto or lower. On the rebirth account, user should request name change via ticket and if he didn’t have much activity we can change his ingame (but it has to be within first 24 hours after account creation)

After 24h: Typos and ingames that are against the rules

Family name changes only in case of typos and names that against the rules


Language usage and ingame communication


Offenses against other players or crewmembers are prohibited. Threats and extortion may only relate to the game. Political extreme, pornographic or other illegal or inappropriate statements are strictly forbidden. This applies throughout the game, so also for player and family profiles, and also for the names of players and families.


The only permissible language within the version is the version language + English. As an example for .NL it is Dutch + English. The only versions where only English can be spoken is .com and .dm, this because this is our international versions.
This applies to the use of the forum (RIP forums excluded), ingame chat and ingame profiles.


Posting personal information about other persons is not allowed.



When a member of a omerta family is adminkilled, all the rankpoints this member contributed to the family are taken away so that will make the family weaker.


When the Boss/Don of the omerta family is adminkilled his/her family will be removed from the game!


Inkilling low ranked accounts to reset spots in the family is allowed, while we consider sacrificing legit account(s) as valid gaming strategy, using dupe (or any other kind of cheat) account(s) to do such is NOT ALLOWED. If any family is caught in resetting spots by inkilling irregular (dupe or other kind of cheat) accounts, that family will be akilled.


If a family is akilled, they are excluded to be a Hall of Fame winner.
An akilled family is a family that has been removed from the game by the ingamecrew without akilling don


If a family has lost 5 members by akills they are excluded to be a Hall of Fame winner.
Akills are connected to the family ID, so if a new family is created, there will be a new ID.


If a family has 10 members admin killed they are excluded from possibility to be Hall of Fame winners.


If a family is admin killed for sister family abuse, that family can be Hall of Fame winner in the running round.



Hall of Fame


All accounts that are nominated for the Hall of Fame will be checked as soon as the round ends.
Players who are akilled during the round are excluded from the Hall of Fame, so they can't be a Hall of Fame winner.



Other Information


Crew may message any account accused of not playing fair and if no satisfactory response is received the account may be frozen until such time as the player can be correctly identified.


To identify a player, crew may ask for an ID when we suspect an account of serious cheating and if none is forthcoming we will consider that to be breach of player's contract with us to 'play fair' and we will take appropriate action.


Appointed in game crewmembers may delete, inactivate or downgrade your account without recourse to complaint by yourself and excluding any duty to justify such actions.


When account is admin killed, all lackeys credits are removed from that account.


When account is admin killed, all obay purchased DCs are removed from that account.                                


When account is admin killed, all honor/dishonor points are removed from his account.                                


Omerta reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice


Ways to complain


If you do not agree with a ingame crewmembers decision, you can ask for a re-check by another crewmember.
Please contact if you want your case to be re-checked. Keep in mind that his should be within our revive policy timeline.


Our forum, ingame chat and IRC are not the places to discuss your akill orpunishment. Therefore, we will not be discussing any details there.