By connecting to our network, you accept our rules. If you disagree with them, you should disconnect or face the consequences.

The use of this network is a privilege, not a right.

The network operators may deny network access to anyone, for any reason, at their sole discretion.

IRC is a free media, therefore the operators of this network take no responsibility whatsoever for the opinions expressed or the actions taken by users. Absolutely no warranty is either expressed or implied. By connecting to this network you give us permission to probe your machine for open proxies/wingates.

A summary of these rules can be found on irc with the command /RULES.

Note that just because something isn't mentioned here, doesn't mean it is allowed. Just behave, use your common sense and be polite to both crew and other users and you'll be fine.

ALWAYS listen to what the Crew has to say to you.

General rules

Things not allowed on our network

  • Flooding/Spamming (including flood/clonebots).
  • Distribution of copyrighted material (eg. warez, mp3, movies) or pornography.
  • Excessive clones. If you require more than 5 connections, mail (bots, LAN, etc).
  • Racism and/or Nazism.
  • Attempts to takeover existing channels or network services.
  • Harassing others (including insulting)
  • Advertising and/or spamming (channels, sites, other games, etc.)
  • Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution, gaining access to other NickServ accounts, etc.)
  • Connecting by using Proxies/TOR's.
  • Evading bans in any way (connecting/joining channels while you still are still banned)
  • Mass-inviting (sending invites to random people and/or sending lots of invites at once)
  • Spreading personal information (including photo's) about others without their permission
  • Impersonating Omerta Crew and/or asking for passwords.

Creating Channels

Creating the following kinds of channels isn't allowed:

  • Dedicated to cheats designed to cause unfair advantage in Omerta.
  • Dedicated to other online games.
  • Protest/Riotchannels
  • Trade channels
  • With names starting with #omerta*, #orgcrime*, #help*, #crew*, #barafranca*, ...
  • With a purpose for wich official ones already exist (#omerta, #help, #heist, #orgcrime, etc.)


Not following these rules can result in one or more of the following actions (not necessarily in the same order):

  • A verbal warning
  • A warning in the form of a /KILL (getting disconnected from our network)
  • A temporary or permanent G-Line (a ban from IRC)
  • A freeze of your NickServ-accounts (you will not be able to log in)
  • A deletion of all your NickServ-accounts (including all access you had in any channel)

Evading is NOT allowed. Should you evade your ban in any way, you will be immeadiatly rebanned, you lose any chances of having your ban removed earlier and instead risk having your ban lengthend.
Repeatidly evading can result in the deletion of your NickServ-accounts and in extreme cases a permanent ban.

If you feel you have been falsely banned, mail and state your IP and banreason (Closing Link). Evading and coming online to discuss your ban in person with us is still evading and not allowed.

Note that we handle everything on a per case-base. There is no exact number of swears you can say before you get banned or how many times you can say something before it is considered spamming. We will take action when we feel an action has to be taken.
Each IRC Operator is free to decide whether he/she places a ban and how long this ban will last.

Someone else did it too and he didn't get banned, it's not explicitely mentioned in the rules and other arguments are no excuse for your actions. If you break the rules, you get punished, no matter what your excuse might be.


If you see anyone breaking the above rules, you may always report them in #help.irc or (TR).

When reporting someone, you must supply valid and full logs of the incident. We will not take any action if you can not present us this simple kind of evidence.
Giving us false logs will result in a ban for yourself. We do not take kindly with liars.

If the crewmember helping you feels that an action has to be taken, he will either pass it on to an IRC Operator or take the action himself. If he however feels there are more effective ways of dealing with this, he will share these with you and help you take the most advantage of them.
It is wise to listen to this advice and not get upset because we don't do everything you ask and want.