Account plating refers to the state of the game in which every account is two times harder to kill. The plating protection is measured in percentage and consists of 5 levels

Account plating levels

Your Plating level is directly related with your ingame activity (crimes, group crimes, races, accommodations, etc).

The plating level only updates 7 days after your account's start date.

Plating visibility

You will be able to see your own percentage of plating protection, but you will not be able to see other players' percentage. You will only see the plating level of other players that ranges from Very Low to Very High. Once the plating is completely removed from an account, it will be shown as None on player profiles.

When plating is removed/lowered

Once the first Godfather is know in the game, a plating level will be removed from all players every 48 hours until it is completely removed.

Your plating is also removed completely if you shoot someone else or if you are hitlisted for more than 48 hours.

Your plating will be lowered to Very Low (0-20%) if your family shared the same city with the attacker and if you are same family as attacker. Leaving a family or getting kicked out will also lower your plating to Very Low. Your will gradually get it back once you rejoin a family.

Getting back your plating

You can get your plating back 24 hours after a shoot if:

  • The target is famless
  • The target is member of family with activity under 30%

Plating FAQ

Will I lose my account plating protection if someone attack me and I shoot bullets in backfire?

No. As defender you don't lose account plating protection. Only attackers.

Does account plating makes my account stronger as attacker?

No. Account plating makes only defending accounts harder to kill. Attackers have no benefit of it.

How can I see another player's plating level?

If you open the player profile of other player it will say his plating level.

When first Godfather comes and I didn't shoot anyone, will I still be under account plating?

Once first Godfather/First Lady rank appears in the game, a plating level will be removed from all players every 48 hours until it is completely removed.

Will i lose plating if I shoot family in the same city?

If there are two (or more) families in the same city they have plating protection towards each other with the plating level Very Low. If you shoot someone, you will lose your plating protection towards families that come from the outside as well.

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