Users can redeem Donate Codes to directly benefit with in-game perks (always without disturbing Omerta's free-to-play ethos). 

Also, Donate Codes can be applied to other Omerta's features: they can be sold at Obay, used to activate your SMS status or turned into Lackey credits.

Purchase of Donate Code

First of all, Donate Codes must be acquired.

To do so, start by finding the baby-blue Support Omerta link in the screen's top right corner.

If on mobile, look for the Donate button in the top right corner.

The available payment methods vary from country to country. 

The most common ones are PaymentWall, Centili, Paypal, Gpay and Nomupay. Click over your preferred one.

Available Donation methods

Paymentwall allows Credit Card, pre-paid card and various other payment options.

Choose one and click the big blue Buy button to proceed with the buy.

Centili is a phone based payment system. All it takes it's an SMS or a phone call.

Enter your phone number and click the Next button.

GPay allows Credit Card, Wire Transfer and various other payment options.

It's a Turkish market oriented platform.

NomuPay uses an SMS payment platform, so you won't exactly see their logo on the screen. 

Instead, you'll see these associated mobile networks. Choose yours and follow the very simple instructions.

The Donation Code will be sent directly to your mobile phone as an SMS.

PayPal is a type of online Bank account.

Click the Make a Donation button and follow PayPal's instructions to complete the procedure.

Using PayPal also grants gangsters an additional bonus: 500 bullets.

How to use your Donate Code

Whatever your chosen payment method, the result will be a Donation Code on your pocket.

Now you'll just have to activate it.

Find the Activate Your Donate Code text-entry box on the Support Omerta screen's bottom left.

Insert your newly acquired Donation Code and click Activate to confirm.

If all goes well, you have now unlocked the following benefits:

  • Increased click limit (40 clicks per minute)
  • More profile space (maximum size increased to 4096 characters)
  • Larger garage page (150 cars per page)
  • Increased Transfers view (last 30 transfers shown)
  • Bigger Outbox (15 visible messages at once)
  • Bigger Inbox (30 visible messages at once)
  • Faster forum browsing (30 posts/topics per page)
  • Faster forum posting (post limit reduced to 30 seconds)
  • The Family Don gains the ability to see the pending family invitations' list

Want to do it again?

Read the tutorial from the start and follow the same steps up until this point.

Now that you activated a Second Donate Code, you have been granted a DC+ status.

Here are your new much deserved perks:

  • Increase garage, bank, forum and mailbox views
  • Complete removal of your posting limit
  • Quick messaging applied to familiar situations, such as bustouts

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Donation Codes can also be applied to Obay, Lackeys and SMS communications.

Selling your Donate code on obay

Using Donation Codes on Obay essentially means that you can make money out of them.

Open the Obay auction screen and find the Select the Type dropdown box at the bottom.

Click it and choose Donating Code.

Now just choose your selling terms and wait for the money to start pouring in.

Using your Donate Code for SMS

Putting the Donation Code to good use in the SMS communications is quite straightforward as well.

In the SMS Messaging screen, insert the Donation Code in the Donate Code text-entry box (you'll need to provide a mobile number as well, naturally).

Now click the Send Registration Code button

A code was now sent to your mobile. 

Insert it in the Registration Code text-entry box below and click Complete Registration to... complete the registration.

Using your Donate Code for Lackeys

Finally, the lackeys.

In the Lackeys screen, find the Add extra credits button on the top left side.

Click it and a popup will... pop up.

Insert the Donation Code in the big empty rectangle at the bottom.

Click the Add button on the bottom right to complete the operation.

Each of these Donation Code reverts into 5000 credits in lackeys labour work. 

Which means five thousand less work for you.