From now on, ranking will be split in two parts: 

1. The round ranking, reflecting individual and family performances during that specific round only;
2. The global ranking, which, starting this round, will sum up the scores from all rounds and thus revealing the mightiest gangsters of all time.

This double ranking system applies to family rankings and to individual gangsters rankings.

The score criteria will benefit families who, for instance:
- demonstrate high activity levels
- defeat families of equal or higher worth
- haven't been hijacked

Individually speaking, gangsters  will be for instance rewarded for:
- killing or trying to kill gangsters of equal or higher worth
- scoring a bullet average higher than the global average
- showing loyalty to the family
- bulletshot

Those are just some of many variables/factors for both family and players rankings.
As for those with low activity levels and/or been on family farming, hijacking and bullet selling, well, the bottom rank is yours.